In Seattle, I listen to NPR each morning for my daily news.  Here in Vilnius, I listen to the BBC World Service morning news report.  The great thing about the BBC World Service is that it broadcasts on local radio stations in countries all over the world, making it very easy to access.  Getting my daily news from the Brits has gives me a whole different perspective on the world.  As you might expect, I much better informed about Great Britain and the European Union.  Interestingly, I am also learning a lot about Africa.  The BBC’s coverage of Africa is more extensive than that of U.S. news sources, perhaps because much of Africa was part of the British empire.  I do get a fair amount of coverage of U.S. news, especially the financial crisis.  The BBC even covers American sports, such as the NFL.  Of course, soccer — known to the rest of the world as football — gets extensive coverage.  I never thought I’d be so well-informed about David Beckham’s career or to follow closely the drama of whether Brazilian superstar Kaka would take the big money offered by Manchester United or stay in Milan (amazingly enough he turned down the money).  Cricket, however, remains a complete mystery to me.  Recently, the BBC reported that an English team won a three-day test match 301 to 3.  How is this even possible?